iPhone 4 Features That You Will Love

If you are a big iPhone follower, then I am sure that you noticed the big difference on the 4th generation iPhone. It is not only aesthetically different; it also boasts a powerful internals as opposed to the innards of its predecessors.

With the iPhone 4’s upgraded design and improved internals you can finally say goodbye to your old iPhone. The phone now boasts a square shape. You do not have to deal with the same tapered sides of old iPhone models. This is also the same design that now famous iPhone 4S is using. From a distance it is hard to distinguish the iPhone 4 from the iPhone 4S. That is a big plus for you if you are not yet ready for the latest iPhone model. You will also notice that this phone now comes in with circular volume buttons on its left side and a micro SIM card slot on the other side.

Let us now talk about the new features that you will enjoy on this handset. In addition to the common features that you love on the iPhone (i.e. multi-touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity), the following are major upgrades you can expect on this handset. iphone 11 pro

– This handset uses the same chip set that the famous iPad is now using. This is the Apple A4 processor. With this, you can’t simply imagine the speed of this phone as opposed to its predecessors. You will know the difference once you have this phone on your hand.

– It now sports a 720p high-definition video recording capability. It is now at 30 frames per second. It also comes in with LED flash and the famous iMovie app for your on-camera video editing.

– You can now enjoy a 5MP rear-facing camera on this. This is matched with a front-facing camera.

– This is also sleeker than older iPhone models. It is actually 24% sexier than older iPhone models.

– It comes with new screen resolution (640 x 960 pixels).

– You will also enjoy its glass front and back. The addition of steel sides seals the deal. This design is for the phone’s now larger antenna. You won’t enjoy this classic and stylish design in older models. This is only found on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

– You can get this handset in Black or White.

As you can see, Apple made sure that you will love the 4th generation iPhone. They loved the design so much that they gave us the iPhone 4S with the exact iconic Apple iPhone look.


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